A downloadable game for Windows

Anchors falling from the sky? As a pilot you can imagine this is not a situation you have trained for...

Work together with other a maximum of 3 other pilots (4 in total) in a desperate attempt to keep the plane leveled in a downpour of everyday commodities like washing machines, pianos, anchors and other crazy things while cashing in on that marvelous gold that's hanging in the air! But be careful. Other pilots might share your love of gold...

How long will the plane last before greed overtakes you?

Inspired by the relationship shared amongst siblings around the world. Who get's the TV tonight? Who can have that last sausage?  Well... the one who takes it. But greed can have its price and only time will tell who will succumb to their need of individual achievement.

This project was created during the Global Game Jam of 2019

Gamepad controls: 

Spam X to kick commodities off the plane
Left stick to move around
B to climb and descend ladders
A to jump

Keyboard controls

SPACEBAR: Kick commodities off the plane
E: Use ladders
A: Move Left
D: Move Right


Adriaan Scheepers
- Design 

Channing Eggers
- Programmer

Daniel Hoefsloot
- Artist

Geert Cocu
- Programmer

Gonzalo Gigosos
- Artist

Merel Beers
- Artist 

Nick Guilliams
- Design 

Quido Cornet
- Artist

Radu Teodosescu
- Tech Designer 

Rosario Baarh
- Designer 

Stefano De Petris
- Designer 

Install instructions

Download the zip file, export it anywhere on your computer and then run the .exe file!


NiceTryPlane-Release1.2.0.zip 131 MB


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The music is nice, maybe I'd use more of an "active" soundtrack for rounds with more players, to create atmosphere. I would also allow people to get on the bottom of the plane easier, like using the same stairs changes where you end up depending on the orientation of the plane, that should be really easy to code. Good job anyway :)